The Why of Freight Audit

Audit SavingsAt Transportation Cost Recovery (TCR), we believe there’s a lot in a name. As our own name may indicate to you, we provide freight audit services that help your organization to recover freight costs. The cost of processing freight bills for payment can be high for your company when done in-house. This may include verifying rates and charges are correct, and maintaining extensive contract and even perhaps tariff libraries, plus staff and even dedicated equipment to perform these functions. Obviously it can be a smart choice to outsource these key functions, especially when you consider the fact that it’s our specialty. Unlike your company, we don’t manufacturer anything, or ship anything! We live and breathe saving money for our clients on freight charges.

Our Audit & Recovery Technology

We use advanced software and systems to ensure that we produce the most accurate picture of your freight spend that’s available. When you stop and consider that our reporting and the savings our services produce for your company more than pays for itelf— It’s not complicated to request a test freight audit, and see if we can produce the kind of results that you need to see in order to make an informed decision when considering potentially outsourcing any freight audit functions you may be performing internally.


Whether you are spending more on package and parcel shipping, LTL or truckload or other modes of transportation, TCR can analyze a sampling of your freight bills, in either paper or electronic format and give you a second chance to make sure they are being produced by your carriers as they should be. This means that we make sure your carriers are applying the correct rates, charges and discounts fully as your company is entitled to. We do offer a free trial, and it’s mostly effortless to begin with TCR, as we can take care of setting things up with your carriers, and they are are very familiar with us, and the methods of verification we use.

Whatever your need in professional freight and transportation management, TCR can help you accomplish your goals. Call us today, (734) 878-5057 and you can also email us on this page.