Outsourcing Parcel Auditing

Benefits to Outsourced Parcel Auditing

From the Chief Supply Chain Officer to the Vice President, the Divisional Manager and the Transportation Planner, everyone is drowning in a sea of data and in dire need of a lifeboat of information. But before the data can be interpreted, you need to ensure that the data set is clean, accurate and comprehensive. This is where the true value of an audit and payment program comes into play by helping you improve budget forecasts, optimization and execution and providing you with a competitive advantage. Key benefits include:

  • General Rate Increase Study

No need to rely on announced averages. You will have a comprehensive database with accurate costs at the individual shipment level. You can apply the newly published rates by every zone and weight break to your shipment distribution data and identify exactly what your cost increase going into the next year will be. No averages, no guesses, no random samples.

  • Network Design Project

Whether you are looking to bring offshore production back to North America or trying to determine where to locate a new distribution center in the United States, the result from your modeling is predicated on the quality of your data. Your transportation costs are baked into your network design. Getting this exercise right is of paramount importance and could have the biggest cost impact on your organization.

  • “What if…” Analysis

Reliable data will help you analyze your potential promotions accurately. If your data is inaccurate, the negative impact of a promotion will be multiplied.


Proper due diligence when selecting a parcel auditor provider cannot be overstated. You can execute a sound sourcing program to identify and mitigate potential risk in order to take advantage of the cost savings potential that exists. Mitigating risk through improved sourcing practices and increasing data quality to efficiently run your supply chain is crucial to your company’s bottom line.