How successful are Parcel Audits?

How much money should clients expect from Parcel Audit?

Parcel Auditors have a wide range of recovery for parcel audits.  The range can be from 1% to 8%.  There are two key reasons for this. The parcel auditors’ technology impacts the refund recovery.  The technology used by auditors can be very different.  Most of the parcel auditors’ technology will only identify a few of the potential refunds.  There are a very few parcel auditors that have technology that will audit for all of the potential refunds.  Keeping the technology updated as the carrier’s technology changes is also a critical.

Parcel Auditors that use the most current technology and continue to update the technology will recover in the range of 5%-8%.  There are very few Parcel Auditors that meet this criteria.  There are many Parcel Auditors that use Transportation Cost Recovery’s technology.  Transportation Cost Recovery offers a white label service that companies put on the technology and resell.  So shippers may see Transportation Cost Recovery’s technology with other auditors’ brand.  It does illustrate how Transportation Cost Recovery’s technology is a leader in the Parcel Audit industry.

Parcel expenses are very important. Transportation drives 12% of your cost, they require your exclusive attention. Having a close relationship with your parcel salesperson can provide your company with better discounts, better service and improve your supply chain. Outside forces can have an important impact on your relationship with your carrier(s) and thus it is important you constantly try to work on your relationship with your carrier(s).

TCR is very aware of the critical relationship with your carriers and assist our customers in maintaining a great working relationship with their carrier(s). TCR parcel audits action ally can help facilitate a better relationship because it gives our clients insight into their carrier’s service and rate competiveness.